vendredi 21 octobre 2011

Alkemy Companion Preview 5 available.

The new preview of the Alkemy Companion  is available. Damages are now displayed for every profile, and as usual for those previews, without any sexy layout for now.

But for this preview, there is a more interesting feature. Yesterday, MiniWar Tactical Companion opened its access to the Table Top Tournament feeds view. The Alkemy companion illustrate that feature so you can non, from this app, check the feeds for upcoming Alkemy tournaments. Of course, it is mandatory to install the MiniWar Tactical Companion. But don't panic, you will be informed and brought to the market if needed.

Once you click on the "Check Tournaments" button, the application will check if the T3 Feeds service is available. If not, a message will be displayed to invite you to download the MiniWar Tactical Companion app from the Market.

if you have more than one application on your device wich can respond to your request, you will be prompted to choose which to use. Feel free to choose the one you prefer.

On the MiniWar Companion T3 feeds, you may have an empty list if no tournaments where declared on T3. The current version of the app will display the International feeds. Take your time to check the other feeds, especially if there is one for an area you may be interested in.

Stay tuned for futur improvements.

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