samedi 19 novembre 2011

MiniWar Tactical Companion 1.4 update

Here comes the 1.4 update of the Tactical Companion. This update focuses on the T3 feeds view improvement and features. So in this update:

  • T3 feeds are now temporary cached on the app. So checking a feed, then another, and back to the first will no longer need an Internet connection. If you close the application, is is likely that Android will destroy the cached data.
  • From the detailed view of a tournament (which means T3 tournaments but also yours), a tap on the location block will opens Google Maps (or the app you have chosen as default for such requests) and locate the tournament location. This feature is still available from the menu, but we believe that it should be also there for an easier access.
  • T3 Lists can now be filtered by gamesystems. We know that you are not playing at all the existing games. So, you can find faster a tournament of interest by filtering those results.

Now, download the update and feel free to say what you think about it or what you do expect for the next updates.

For those who want a better knowledge of the app, here are described the T3 features.

samedi 12 novembre 2011

Alkemy Companion, all Genesis data in your pocket.

With the eight preview of Alkemy Companion, you can now access to all Alkemy profiles. Get every information, from profile characteristics to formula details.

Finally we have decided to consider this release as the final 1.0 release. If the futur work will focus on the graphic improvement, so the players can use the app as a real Alkemy tool, those improvements are adequate with our continuous delivery politic. All MiniWar Companions apps are delivered as soon as new features or improvements are included. We believe that this is the best approach to allow our users to get the new features as soon as they are created, test them, so we can quickly adapt to the best user experience.

But for now, lets review the functionalities of the current app.

mardi 8 novembre 2011

Google+ page available

Since yesterday, Google released a new great feature long awaited for its social network, Google+. It is of course, the google+ pages. So of course, the MiniWar Companions app does have a dedicated page. Check it out at this adress :

You can bookmark this page as it content is public. You do not have to have a Google+ account tu check it content. If you are a Google+ user, you can circle that page, and be circled in return. Content is public, but private content may be posted for special occasions if the number of followers become relevant. We can't say how this feature will be used, but it opens new perspective of communications.

So, go and link the page now ;)

samedi 5 novembre 2011

Alkemy Companion Preview 6 available

A new minor update have just been released on the market. It includes the Alchemists informations (rank, element and Stones value).

The only remaining information missing in this application is the formulas, which will be included in the next update. Afterward, the design should be updated before allowing to add lists management functionalities.

Get the app there :