mardi 16 juin 2015

Track your tournaments in a gamer way

Hi Brothers,

we have been silent on this blog for two releases, it is time to review where we are with Brothers in Games TTracker. The last update we are currently releasing is bringing a change in its interface.

One app for one feature

Two releases ago, we rebranded Brothers in Games T3 as Brothers in Games TTracker for Tournaments Tracker. It is true that originally, the app was a stand alone client for TableTop Tournaments. User's favorite tournaments management was part of Brothers in Games main app.

The idea was to provide you all your personal stuff in the main app and have dedicated apps for specific services. That was a terrible idea leading to a messy main app and forcing you to have two apps for one purpose (tournament discovery and management).

So, Brothers in Games T3 was rebranded to reflect its usage. The app still helps you discover new tournaments, but it will also help you keep track of them. Your favorite tournaments list is part of the app since that update. Moving from a single task app to a fully featured app requires some redesign which we are actually on. So some basic features are still missing (remove element from favorites, filter past and futur events...) but we are working on it to bring them back.

Get your involvement rewarded

In this release (1.15), your landing screen is a Dashboard. It contains a card with basic information of your profile if you are connected. You can notice a rank under the name. This rank will reflect your activities as a gamer. How can you progress ? We are setting things those things up. Attending a tournament, your ranking at the tournaments, managing clubs... All those actions could be taken into account for your décorations.

Features allowing you to progress in the rank and gain other decorations will come in futur releases.

Get or update Brothers in Games TTracker and look for the fun near you.