lundi 21 octobre 2013

Yet another score counter...

I have just added a new app on the Play Store. This is a personal score counter you can use for any game. You can get it now on Google Play.

Brothers In Games Scorer is a very simple application : it displays a number you can raise or lower simply by swiping up or down. You can also set a value trough a dialog. The app keeps the last score even if you exit the app.

As a simple multi-purpose app, there is no start, high or low value. The app may not inform you if you won or loose by reaching a certain value, but that way you can use it on the values you need as you need. Track a score or life points, it's up to you.

The app was designed to use the touch interface. Rather than just pressing a button, to raise the value and another to lower it, you just have to swipe up or down. I would really love to have your opinion about this kind of interaction. Also, if you would want to see another kind of interaction, feel free to comment this post.