mardi 25 mars 2014

First peek on the tournament details

Due to some other priorities, I couldn't work as fast as I wished on Brothers In Games. However, I couldn't leave you with just a list of the tournaments you could have added as favorites. So, I released an update with the first set of details.

Tournament details for the Preview 6 of BIG.

As you can see from the screen capture above, the detail view currently displays some basic informations. The description is from TableTop Tournaments, so it is in the language of the event organiser (here, in french). From there, you can jump to the web page for more details.

In the next days, I will add the location information (I have to work on the layout) and of course, you'll be able to locate the tournament on a map just as with Brothers In Games T3.

I also plan to provide an add to calendar feature, but it is a little bit tricky as I want you to be informed if the event is already in your calendar or not.

Keep an eye on your update notifications ;)

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