vendredi 22 avril 2016

Time for a better information process

This blog was opened several years ago as I started developing the app that was once MiniWar Companion. The goal was then to have a single place where I could post update information about the apps. But over the years, several issues have risen.

  • First of all, this blog was opened on Blogger so I would not have to spend much time on technical issues. But at the end, the layout here is pretty lame.
  • I am not really focused on this blog. So, I am not posting as much as I should. Actually, some of the articles I intended for this blog found themselves on Geekgarage.
  • As a consequence, this blog does not have that much followers and most of this posts are useless :(
  • A final point is that some of my apps have different audiences. I lately updated the Alkemy Companion with the feedback of its gaming community. But that community is mostly french and you know that readers like to read posts in their native language. And I don't like to mix languages in blog posts…

So, starting today, this is where you will find information about Brothers in Games apps.
  • For updates, you can follow the Brothers in Games Facebook page or the Brothers in Games Twitter account. Yes, you may see posts in different languages. If I do write articles, I will post a link trough those media.
  • If you are looking for technical posts about Android, iOS, mobile or Pyhton development, you can follow my blogs. I am active on my french blog Dad 3.0. But I will now be more active as I was on my international one, Geek Garage.
So, this is certainly my last post on this blog. I let it live because there are still links pointing here.

I hope to see you on the links given above.

Enjoy your games.

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