mercredi 10 août 2011

The MiniWar companion idea.

The MiniWar Companion app idea rised several years ago, long before the iPhone and its apps. Every miniatures gamer needs a management tool for something: its miniatures collection, its game references... and what to say about tournaments management... So every miniatures gamer knowing a little about programming have written a little program, which survived some time or not. Futur posts will be dedicated to some existing softwares.

With the Smartphones adoption, gamers have a new device they can use everywhere. The information is available in one's pocket and can be shared trough any media, synchronized with other datasources and so on. Miniatures gamers really deserve a set of tools to bring all this possibilities together.

Even if Apple's iOs system (iPhone, iPad or iPod) is the most interesting platform for mobile developers, Android offers a more modular approach. All components can be stand alone applications which can be downloaded independently. But each component brings everything to communicate with the others. So if one downloads several complementary apps, he could find himself using them like a single app.

With this in mind, the MiniWar Companion project started with some minimal functionalities (even the v1.2 can be considered by everyone as useless), but with the idea to integrate the "continuous delivery" principle : each time a new functionality is available, it is published. This brings the application to the public and continuously improves it with its users feedback, rather than endlessly delaying the app launch.

The v1.3 is ready to be published, and this one brings an amazing new functionality. So check it soon ;)

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