mardi 16 août 2011

v1.3.2 update

Silently, two updates were released those days. Those versions are labeled as bugfix and they should be understood like that.

So what's new ?

Now, the local is taken into account for the T3 International feeds selection. So, if your smartphone's located in Germany, France, Poland or in the Netherlands, the International Feed will be set for your local. For all other languages, as previously, the German feed will be displayed.

As a minor update, the online help menu button will propose a link to the website (which was the previous behavior) but also to this blog.

Finlay, on the T3 Feed list, a click on an entry will display the item details. The dialog window give you all the details found on the T3 feed. One little thing out of our control is the currency for the charge for a tournament. Since T3 does only send the value trough its feeds, we suppose that the currency is in euro, since it seems that it is the only currency used on T3.

Happy downloading.

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