samedi 24 septembre 2011

New Alkemy companion preview

A new preview of the app is available on the market. This update redefines the welcome screen so you can easily access to the different informations.  It also introduce the an ability listing so you can access to any ability definition. Some internal modifications have also been made so the data are easily managed. This will allow us to internationalize the application as soon the data are translated.

The next step in the roadmap is to display the association of the abilities to the profiles. Even if that may be considered as simple, we want to offer the best usability so you can access the definition from the miniature's profile. The profiles's data access may be redesigned for better navigation.

If you have any comment, expectation or suggestion, feel free to leave a comment.

One more thing about the app, a QR Code is finally available so you can flash it to get directly to the Market. Easier and faster, you can't say you couldn't get the app. Enjoy.

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