lundi 3 octobre 2011

Alkemy Companion Preview 4 available

A new preview is available for the Alkemy Companion. In this release :
  • The throwing weapons have been added as abilities and are displayed in the abilities area.
  • All abilities are now displayed with the correct value in the profile details view.
  • The app have been redesigned so the profile details are now displayed as views ans not dialogs. The landscape view have also been adapted.
  • Some bug fixes.
This is a nice update since there is only a little to do until a final 1.0 version. In the todo list, we have :
  • Add the damage table in the profiles.
  • Allow some details display in the profiles detailed view (such as the abilities definitions)
  • Add the specific alkemical informations. This will be the hardest task since the data management is to be designed.
Once this will be done, we can consider a usable application. Some graphic update will come right after. Then the additions such as the personal lists display.

Update now tho get the new release or download the application for your Android phone form the market there :
Of use the following QR Code with your Android device to get the app.

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