mercredi 19 octobre 2011

MiniWar Companion v1.3.3

After a focus on the Alkemy Companion, here comes a new update of the tactical companion. This update is basically a bug fix on the Table Top Tournament Rss feeds view so now, you will not see an error if fetching the data is too long. This is the behavior it should always have had.

But this update also introduce a new feature. Now it is possible to call the Table Top Tournament Rss feeds view from any application on the device, using the exposed intent. If you want to call the view from your app, simply create an intent as the example bellow:

Intent intent = new Intent("net.tabletoptournaments.rssfeeds.GETFEED"); 

But there is one more thing: the display can be filtered. Simply add a gameFilter String extra in your intent with the name of a game system and the view will only display the related upcoming tournaments. The previous example could be:

Intent intent = new Intent("net.tabletoptournaments.rssfeeds.GETFEED"); 
intent.putExtra("gameFilter", "Alkemy"); 

The game system name should be one provided by T3, otherwise you will filter everything. It is of course possible that at a given time, there is no tournament for your game system. The list will be empty then. But you should check the other feeds since a tournament can take place in another country.

And yes, you will be able to filter the tournaments displayed on this view. The filter on the game system exists (it is already accessible trough the menu on the T3 view), we just have to finish its integration.

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