samedi 19 janvier 2013

New release of the MiniWar Tactical Companion

After a long black out, we are back on this app. We have plenty of ideas about the MiniWar Tactical Companion and finally managed to find time to work on them.

The last release is one year old, and it is pretty difficult to really make the old app evolve to today's standards. Our main concern is to avoid any data loss or to introduce any harmful regressions. So we checked the app usage and it appears that only a few used the app to schedule some personal tournaments, and your main activity is checking Table Top Tournaments feeds.

We understand that the personal tournament page does not provide any feature that a calendar entry would. So we decided to put that aside for now and focus on how to discover new tournaments. How to make the app better on that point.

We just released an update of the app which now focus on T3 feeds. Stating the app will now display the International feeds. As previously, you can check the other feeds (and the bug for the US have been corrected) or filter by a gamesystem. If you are using the Alkemy Companion app, it will still open the Tactical Companion T3 feeds filtered for Alkemy gamesystem.

Improvements will come fast. But if you have any ideas or wishes for the evolution of the app, feel free to tell us about it on the comments.

You can download the MiniWar Tactical Companion from Google Play.

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