lundi 21 janvier 2013

Better details, easier access to actions.

We just released a new minor update with an improvement of the tournament detail dialog. It is now easier to access to the actions available.

The new tournaments derailed display.

From any tournament, there are several actions available:
  • If a web address is provided, you can view the website. The app will launch the default web browser or ask you to choose one, and will open the web page.
  • If a city is provided for the tournament, you can locate it on a map. The app will launch your default map app or ask you to choose one, and will rely on the search capacity of that app to locate the city.
  • If a web address is provided, you can also share a tournament with your friends. The app will let you choose among the apps which can handle text messages (SMS, emails, instant messaging...).
If you are running any version prior to the 1.6, those actions are available trough a long press on the tournament element on le list view. A menu offering the available actions will pop up.

The menu obtained after a long-press

The location action is also available trough a tap on the place block on the tournament detail dialog.

Those interactions are still available, but we think that a long press is not a nice way to interact with the device. So, we added a few buttons one the tournament detail view. Any button will be displayed if the action is available. Of course, for T3, they are usually all available.

As images on buttons may not have an obvious meaning, you can just long-press on those buttons to display what their action is.

Feel free to give your opinion in the comments, we would love to read your feedback.

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