mercredi 13 février 2013

Offline tournaments and filtering now available for the Companion.

Those are the changes we made for our last release.

We gather additional informations about the tournaments from TableTop Tournaments website. The location will now be more precise in the city of the event.

French tournament details with the street informations.

Unfortunately, this information is not in the feeds, so it takes longer to get them all, and you'll experience it on the first launch. But in the same time, the app save all tournaments information on your device, so you can check it offline. On the next launch of the app, you'll get everything faster.

Of course, the street information is used for the location of the tournament. This will give you a more precise location on the map, or for navigation purpose.

As the data is cached on your device, the app will try to get updates once a day, on the launch of the app.

We have also changed the filtering feature, now you can filter by country and game system. The filters are not dependent on each other, they always list all countries and game systems available on your local list even if the combination leads to an empty list. If you can't find your country or game system in the filter, that means that there is no tournament in the app for your country or game system.

Looking for an Alkemy tournament in Belgium ?

As we do not control the content of the fields from third party datasource, you may find the same information in the filters but in different languages. Yes, we rely on the name as it is, so filtering by one language will hide the other entries. We are aware of this issue and are working to find a solution.

Two unfortunate filters for the same country.

Your filtering will be remembered when you'll leave the app, so on the next launch, they will be applied. For convenience, the filter button does not appear in landscape mode on small screen devices. This is made on purpose to let a readable display. Of course, previous filters will still be applied.

We hope that you'll enjoy this upgrade. Feel free to comment your opinion about the app. If you still don't use MiniWar Companion, get it now on Google Play.

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