jeudi 18 avril 2013

Introducing the Dashboard and the location.

What's new ?

The last release of the MiniWar Companion is on Google Play, and the two first modifications don't need any download. The name have changed and this is the last time we'll talk about the MiniWar. The app is changing to Brothers in Games as that is its final purpose, help gamers play together.

This modification comes with a change in the launch icon. I try to reflect what the app is, not only it's an Android app for now.

Concerning the app itself, this update introduces the foundation of the real companion app with a Dashboard as the home activity. Of course, the Dashboard isn't fully functional yet. Here you have a preview of what will be available. In the next update, you can manage your own events.

The other feature introduced in this update is the usage of the location to filter for you the next local tournaments. Don't worry, this is only informative, you can still filter the feeds the old way.

Privacy concerns

The app is collecting your location information to filter the feeds on the device. This is done on the device, no information is sent trough the network, neither your location is saved on your device. The app collects the last known position from the location service of your device, it does not actively request your position. This is not the most accurate but it is enough to determine the country, and it is the cheapest in term of power consumption.

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