jeudi 1 août 2013

Brothers In Games, New Features

This blog may have been silent for 3 months, ant that was because I was working on the features to improve Brothers In Games, especially the friends part. So, in those 3 months, for testing purpose, I released another app, KipinTooch. Brothers In Games and KipinTooch will share common features about contacts and calendar management.

So now I started to include some of those features in Brothers In Games. The next updates will be focused on the user (you) and your... brothers in games.

You can get the app on the Play Store.

Actually, most of Brothers In Games users are in countries not covered by Table Top Tournaments, so I will not focus on that feature even if it requires a lot of improvements. Instead, I want to add more community features so you can find in Brother In Games everything you need for your hobby.

The first step is to identify you, the user which the app is doing now using the "Me" profile. This feature is available for Android 4.0+ only.

The main feature that justify this release is the option to add any tournament from the T3 tournament list in your calendar. A new button is added in the tournament detail for that purpose.
The fourth button adds the event in your calendar.

This feature is also available for Android 4.0+ only and does not require any authorization as it will just launch the new event view from your calendar app. You can then change and add any information.

New authorizations

So in the next update, Brothers In Games will ask you for two new authorizations which are to read your profile and read your contacts.
  • Reading your profile let the app fill your profile section with your name. For now, this name is just displayed on your app, above your location.
  • Reading your contacts is mandatory to access your profile name. This authorization is also required to let you manage your list of gaming friends.
  • Reading your logs: this one is pretty disturbing as the app does not explicitely declare it. This authorization appeared during the upgrade to 4.3.

Privacy concerns

Brothers In Games looks for your profile and contacts informations to display them. Those information are not sent to anyone, they remain on the device.

You can update the Brothers In Games app right now or get it from Google Play.

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