samedi 1 février 2014

Brothers in Games T³ improved

A new release of Brothers In Games T³ is available on Google Play.

Brothers in Games T³ is a personal initiative not affiliated with TableTop Tournaments. But since the last update, I've got access to the T³ API, so you can get more from this app.

To highlight this partnership, the layout have been updated to the colors from TableTop Tournaments website. Feel free to post in the comments what you think about it.
The tablet layout of BIG T³

The app does now also display a summary of the tournaments. I do have access to additional information such as the description, but that does require more space to be displayed nicely. This is why I started to evolve the app so it will also display the details of the tournaments. That will come later.

Using the RSS feeds, I was only able to access to the 50 next tournaments depending on the feed used. The API does not have any limit, it is possible to access any tournament registered in T³ database. But the purpose of Brothers in Games T³ will remain to display the futur tournaments. So, the app will still load the next tournaments. In this update, the app will load the next two months tournaments list.

There was other restrictions using the RSS feeds, and the main one was the location of the collected tournaments. I was displaying your local tournaments. The API does not have that limit. In consequence, the filtering need to be redesigned and unfortunately, the existing one became buggy. I decided to disable it for now, but it is a top priority for the next update.

Finally, trough the API, I finally have access to the tournament location address and not only the city. The map location is now accurate and you can use it to precisely locate the tournament venue.

You can update your app now or download it from Google Play.

If you are using the app from a tablet, you have noticed that I have replaced the country manes by their flags. Those icons are designed by Alain Jollat.

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