mardi 25 février 2014

Ending February with TableTop Tournaments and Alkemy

After the release of the Brothers In Games T³ app, I've spent some time tuning it. The current version 1.7 is still a list-only app but every item does have all the main features you can expect. You can see the main information about every tournament, locate it on a map, share it with your friends trough e-mail, text message or any social network, and you can register the event in your calendar. If you want to access the original informations, you can of course open your browser on the original web page.

You can download Brothers In Games  from Google Play.

While working on this app, the main Brothers In Games app was of course left aside. Don't worry, I'm getting back on it right after...

... some Alkemy update. Alkemy is a game which is currently provided in France. After some difficulties, the licence is now back on tracks as some items are available on their brand new store. So it is time to update the Alkemy app with the new profiles. Be aware that those profiles will be updated for a french version first and that update will be Android 4.0+ only.

You can download Brothers In Games Alkemy from Google Play.

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