vendredi 4 avril 2014

A better calendar integration.

The last update of Brothers In Games will ask you for a new privilege: read access to your calendar. This is an essential privilege if I want to inform you if you have added the event to your calendar and to launch the correct action. The action icon have also been modified for this purpose.

Now, when you open the tournament detail view, the calendar action icon will display an add to calendar icon.

Tournament display with the add to calendar icon.

If you tap it, you'll see the form to add a new event to your calendar. Keep in mind that this form is provided by your calendar app, Brothers In Games does not have the privilege to add, edit or delete an event. This action is delegated to your native app or anyone you would choose.

Once the event is added to your calendar, the tournament detail view will display a view event icon.

Tournament display with the view event icon.

If you tap this icon, the app will open the event detail on your calendar app. As this is the native calendar app (or the one you prefer), you can edit or delete the event.

As Brothers In Games does not have the write to your calendar privilege, it is impossible for the app to be informed of the addition of the event to your calendar. So, to display the correct icon and launch the right action, the app will check your calendar for the displayed event. If the event exists in your calendar, the view action is shown, otherwise, it is the add event action.

But to work properly, the app must figure out if the event found is the right one. So, the app is looking for events with the same start and end date and time and with the same name. So, if you edit the event in your calendar and change the name or the start or end, the app will consider that the event does not exist in your calendar.

I think that this is the good balance to allow the association of the events and allow some edition but don't bother with confirmations. If you disagree, please, let me know in the comments.

Another update comes from the recent post of Cyril Mottier on Google+. I don't spend too much time on animations for now, but I am aware that some users will not figure out that those icons may be actions. This little animation may be a good trick to draw the attention on them. Once again, let me know what you think about the feature.

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