mercredi 24 septembre 2014

Introducing Clubs

When we created Brothers In Games, we wanted to have on our devices the tools we need as gamers. Several years ago, I moved far away. Unknown town, unknown people, but I had several armies with me and I didn't want to see them stay on the shelves. I was lucky to find a club back then. But I also discovered several others around me I wasn't aware of. Today, we want to make things easier for you. We want to help you find clubs around you so you can meet new gamers. And we also want to help clubs to be found by new players. So, we are introducing the club management.

We believe that this will be a useful feature for many. But to be useful, we need your help. We are not aware of all the gaming clubs around the world. Or at least near you. This is why we need you to add your club to Brothers In Games.

The club management feature is currently in development, but we decided to release the basic feature so you can access the club creation form. Along with the club management, we also added accounts to the app. Logging in Brothers In Games is not mandatory, but you may not access to all the features. The features that will require to log in the app are those who share data.

A club is such data. When you submit a club, your are associated as the club contact. Currently you can just add a club, in one of the next updates it will be, of course, possible to edit the data, a feature only available for the club creators. Don't worry, of course we'll think about a way to promote other users as administrators or pass the ownership.

As a simple gamer, you will just be able to search for clubs. Currently, the results are provided the most basic way. It is a simple list from which you can locate the club meeting place on a map. We plan new updates, most certainly next friday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday so this view will be improved.

Finally, this update asks for two new permissions:

  • Precise location: your current location is used to fill the search form so you do not have to. We may use your location for other forms or to provide you local data. We try to respect your device usage and privacy as much as we can so the location uses the passive position which means that we drain the minimum battery, but the location may not be accurate.
  • Find accounts on the device: the app look for your Google accounts and collects the e-mail addresses so you can choose one from that list as a e-mail associated to your account. Doing so, rather than letting you enter a e-mail address, does have several benefits. First, you do not have to type. Second, we are certain that you entered a real e-mail address without mistakes. You can't have an error so we do not have to deal with any e-mail modification feature for now. Third, as this is one of your address, we do not have to bother you with a verification e-mail and you can use the features immediately. this address is associated to your account, we may send you e-mails if needed (such as to retrieve your password) but it will never be shown or sent to anyone.
So, we started a huge improvement there. The accounts will allow us to have more sharable features and clubs management will provide a great feature to find new opponents. If you want to add your club so it may be found by gamers, update now and set the data. If you are a simple gamer, you may skip this one, but stay tuned for the next updates.

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