vendredi 17 avril 2015

Keep a better track of your tournaments

The new version 1.11 of Brothers in Games T3 is out (or will soon be) and is introducing a big change in the way to use Brothers in Games apps. This comes with the correction of what we think is the biggest flaw on our apps: the lack of persistence of your data.

Everything you have set up in Brothers in Games is saved on your device, but is lost if you change or reset that device. Until now. We have added the accounts to the Brothers in Games T3 app. From now, if you find a tournament you want to follow, it will be stored on your account. This has several benefits:

  • You'll find your selection on any device
  • You don't need to install Brothers in Games on the same device as Brothers in Games T3. With the next release, Brothers in Games will fetch your selection from your account, no matter on which device it is running.
  • Your data is safe even if you delete the app, reset your device or get a new one.

Because the apps are now using a centralized online datastore, we are able to show your favorite tournaments in the Brothers in Games T3 list. We are also able to show you how popular a tournament may be by displaying the count of people having set that tournament as a favorite (this will be added in the next release).

Remember that Brothers in Games T3 is designed to help you find a tournament, not manage your favorite ones. We think that being able to select a tournament to follow is a useful feature. Just like being able to see in the main view which ones are selected as favorite. But managing your favorite tournaments will come back in the Brothers in Games app.

So of course, if you want to use this feature, you will need to create an account. Know that a Facebook login will come with the next update. So if you don't want to create an account, be patient until next week.

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