mardi 31 mars 2015

Long awaited Brothers in Games T3 update

It's been really a while since our last update. We know you may expect some great features from our apps, and to be honest, so are we. So, it took some time to explore the tools and make the choices for the evolution of Brothers in Games apps and service.

From the user point of view, the update of Brothers in Games T3 is mostly a bugfix. But the rollout of this new release comes with a new backend. This backend is also slowly set up and as a consequence, it will require several days to get the previous two-months tournaments list.

This backend update lead to a redesign of the apps. This have the following consequences:

  • Setting a tournament as favorite has been temporary disabled. This feature should be reactivated after the next update of Brothers in Games.
  • Filtering has also been disabled. To be honest, we really dislike how we provided this feature and we intend to provide something better.
Brothers in Games will soon be updated with a focus on data backup.

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