jeudi 24 septembre 2015

Updating the Alkemy companion

Ce billet est également disponible en français.

Good news for you Alkemy players. After nearly 2 years since the last update, we have found some time to work on the Alkemy companion. When we talk about apps, 2 years is an eternity. A lot of things must be fixed for the app to be up to date. In the meantime, the data must also be updated to include the new profiles and all corrections.

So first, lets talk about the app and its interface.

Brothers in Games... Alkemy was last released when Android 2 was the main version out there. Updating to Android 4 (because it is the main version for now, but we also include Android 5 features) requires to rewrite all the views. it will take some time to set it all right, that is why we are just releasing a beta for now. This version is incomplete, it displays only a few views. We have decides to release it so you can see what this new app will look like. This beta will be frequently updated until the official release. If you are testing it, we will really love to read your feedback.

Now about the data.

Brothers in Games... Alkemy purpose is still to give you access to all the profiles of Alkemy, the Game. For an easier update, we are managing this data online. Setting up all the information is a lot of work, so, for now, we have published only a few profiles in a mix of french and english... We will focus on the data once the app is completed.
So, to use the app, you must have an internet connexion. Yes, we know, you should be able to access to the profiles offline and that is how the app will work once released. Until then, to avoid to deal with the frequent updates and sync, we prefer to keep an online-only version.

So, if you want to test this version, you can get the beta of the Alkemy Companion.

We hope you will like this app and feel free to give your feedback.

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