vendredi 8 janvier 2016

Alkemy companion 2.0 released next week

Good news for all Alkemy players, after several months in beta, the Alkemy Companion will be released as a 2.0 version next week.

As the previous version, the Alkemy Companion gives you access to the profiles, abilities and formulas so you can always check any data you want. This new version is finally designed for a modern Android device. Also, the data is now stored on the Cloud, which allows us to update it without releasing an new app version. The first time you check an information, it is backed-up on your device so if you will be able to check it without a network connexion.

Gathering and storing the right information is a lot of work. Currently, only the french version of the profiles is available for the 4 first factions and the Temple. I will add the others factions first and then translate them in English. In the meantime, everybody will have access to the french version of the data.

So, keep an eye on your updates and follow us on Twitter @big_theapp.

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